by Jefferson Mayday Mayday

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This cassette focuses on the fragility of Earth's geological balance
and inner seismology peace workings giving way to violent eruption.
Relativity betwixt solar activity and the churning of our planet's
molten engine that drives this nursery floating within its point in
space and time. This music was recorded and produced revolving
around recent monumental moments for terrestrial life forms, such as
a fertility ritual eclipse that coincided with the blue moon falling
upon the new year ~or~ marine genocide of a leviathan arising from
the depths of Mexico gulf waters. As glaciers begin to melt at rates
much more than previous exponential expectations, and record level
temperatures are recorded in the almanacs of tomorrow, a sense of
urgency pulls music from a disillusioned perception out of the human
body and into a physical medium to be utilized as a sound weapon
of peace holding a serious potential for healing an individual against
their will when coming within a line of direct contact . An auditory
seed planted within the atomic vibrations of a given listener, ideally
paving the way for illumination of a holistic nature for human relations
and impacts upon the planet Earth's eternal agenda.


released October 25, 2011

Record by Jefferson Mayday Mayday
Cover Art By Treasure Trove
Hand Numbered C40, in edition of 99
Cassette Curently Sold Out



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space idea tapes Columbia, South Carolina

small-run cassette label and diy performance spots in columbia, sc

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